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Re Obsession

Not sure how it happened but yeah. ..im totally re inlove with Adam Lambert.

Yes indeed.

I Miss The Good Ole' Days

I don't think I am fond of tumblr. I have been on it for a couple months now...all due to Tom Hiddleston...and have been trying to work my way into the fandom. They just don't seem as friendly as the ladies were during the Orlando Bloom days. ~shrugs~ Maybe it's me. But I like message boards better.

Speaking of TomCollapse )

I wonder if I post my fanfic here, i can get anyone to read it?!?!

In other news, my baby (14) is now a high schooler.

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The Night Circus

I have decided to read one ACTUAL book a week. I think I have gotten lazy in this digital age

The Night CircusCollapse )

Wake Me When September Ends

Or better yet in 2015.

This year is already turning out to be horrific. MY daughter is sick...we arn't sure what is wrong we are going to a specialist in a couple weeks.

And my son has decided to move in with his dad. After 10 years of being a single mom..doing everything for him..he has decided to live with the man who left and abandoned us.

I need a drink. And a new life.


Are You Ready For Some Football?!?!

1. I have immense joy that the New England Patriots are not going to the super bowl. I LOATH Tom Brady.

2. My condolences anomaly_kat for your loss this evening. I was actually rooting for the 49rs.

3. SO it's Denver Broncos vs. the Seattle Seahawks in two weeks.

Super bowl is like one of my favorite times of the year. Followed by the Daytona 500. I have parties for both.



So I have wanted to take my kids ice skating on an outdoor ice rink and found one in Buffalo http://www.buffaloplace.com/rotaryrink..however I got lost. SO I will try again tomorrow. WE are staying at some friends house whom have never gone ice skating before so it should be a good time.

Last night we went to a movie theater where the movies were 2 dollars each..so we saw 47 Ronin...goooood movie and Thor for the third time.

I think it's time to move closer to my friends here in Buffalo. They have all the good stuff.


Crazy January

At least weather wise...below freezing last week...two days off from school...then this weekend almost 50 with flooding...then I just got an alert...winter storm warning until WED!!! Go figure...I hope we have no more snow days tho..I like the time off but not the short paychecks.

If I had my own computer the time off would be greater indeed...then I could write..just a few more weeks. TAX time..and new computer :)

And not having a car sux. I am 40ish and have a family of my own and have to rely on MY parents for rides...We all hate it..but that should be taken car of in a few weeks as well.

and in other news..happy sunday :


Lazy Monday

One of the perks of working in a school is the vacation time...I spent the entire day watching the Anne Of Green Gables series...the whole thing. I want me a Gil. Always have wanted a Gilbert Blythe. But they don't exist. Well, maybe he does..and he lived a lonnngggg time ago.

Me and and mom were talking about taking an Ann vacation...tour the whole Green Gables/Prince Edward Island..i think I would like to.

I really want to start writing again. I have some unfinished Orlando fics...and a coupld ideas for a Tom Hiddleston and a Loki fic...we shall see. I need my own computer tho that works..cuz I can't read my own handwriting..lol


Almost 2014

I believe I have had this lj for almost 14 years...14 YEARS!!! And the last few years I have been a slacker. For real. Hopefully, this is not another false restart in keeping it updated..lol

I have started some new stories...so maybe I will post them on my fic journal..aliesfiction ..if I can remember my password..lol

Hope all is well...



Had my carpal tunnel surgery today...on my right hand..sooo it kinda sucks cuz i am right handed. i couldn't even eat dinner..lol...maybe i will lose weight..and this looks funny cuz i can't type without two hands...

and i firmly believe that facebook and it's status update have ruined my ability to write at lenght like i used to...